Vision Boarding 2021

If you know me personally, you know that I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. I’ve read the book The Secret and has not looked back since. I’ve created vision boards before and have achieved most items on my list.

First, let me explain what a vision board is. Simply put, it is a mood board of all you wish to be, all you wanted to do and everything you dream of having. It’s organizing your goals and laying it out visually. A vision board is an effective manifesting tool. I have done it and I have proven its effectiveness for so many years now.

Just a quick background on what got me started on the Law of Attraction, it was January 2012 when I first read the book, The Secret. I was amazed by everything I read and the testimonials of how powerful our thoughts can be in manifesting our goals. My first proof, a job application. I have been staying home for almost two years then after giving birth to our eldest. I’ve been wanting to go back working but I was so insecure with that two year gap but in January 2012, I gathered up my guts and went for an interview. The usual spiel after goes, “We’ll call you.”. That was Monday, and the next day I have been telling myself, they will call me around lunchtime. My husband kept on looking at me like I’ve gone crazy because I kept telling him, I will be hired around lunchtime and then this happened:

From then on, I became a believer. I started a vision board that same month of January 2012 and has continued on until now. Here are some of the photos included on my past boards that came true. The dates on the photos are the time I expected them to happen and the time they actually did.

Created the board in January 2012
Created the board in January 2012
Created the board in January 2019

And this year, I decided to do another vision board since 2020 set us all back from our plans because of the pandemic. What I usually do is list down all my goals, both short term and long term, set a time frame and then find photos as visual representations of my goals.

My ritual when creating a vision board is I usually do it during sunset because it’s the end of the day and everything is settling down, I diffuse my favorite oil Eden’s Garden’s Stress Relief to help me relax.

When listing down your goals, think of the reason why you want that to happen and when you want that to happen. My board consists of goals for myself and for my family. Some of them seem impossible as of the current circumstances and our family’s financial capabilities but I am reminded of my past boards where everything there seemed impossible then as well yet I was able to achieve them. So, do not hold back and lay down everything that you dream of. Here’s a step by step guide on how I do it:

  1. Write down your goals and include a timeframe as to when you want them to happen.
  2. Find visual representations of your goals, it may be in the form of words or photos.
  3. Lay them out, I use both Canva and Photoshop for this. You may use MS Paint or any mobile photo collage app , whatever you are comfortable using.
  4. Post, use a mobile wallpaper or print and place it somewhere strategic where you will be able to see it constantly. I plan to print this and place it on my work station.
  5. Lastly and the most important one, look at your board and visualize yourself having everything on it and how it feels to have them. Claim it. Thank God or the Universe for it.

Now that I’ve shown you how I create my vision board, why don’t you give it a try and make one yourself? When you finally did, get back to me with your board and let’s check on each other on how much we’ve achieved on our goals.

May 2021 be a better year for all of us. Happy New Year, everyone! Love and light to you all.

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