Delegating the Housework

 Here in the Philippines, we’ve been raised under the impression that dads are supposed to go to work and provide financially to the family while the moms are expected to stay home, take care of the kids and run the household.

I want that stereotype to end in my generation and not pass it on to my sons. Moms and Dads are supposed to be partners and by that I mean in everything – managing their finances, raising the kids and doing the household chores.

Men, as much as women, are supposed to help out around the house and not expect to be thanked, praised and tapped on the back.

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Why I Love Early Mornings

4:00 am.

I am sitting at the dining table, sipping a hot cup of coffee while Howie Day’s Collide is playing on Spotify as I type away on the laptop.♫♪  “The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You’re barely waking…”  ♫♪

I’ve always been an early riser. This is my favorite time of the day. I like the calmness, that moment as the entire world is just waking up and you see the break of dawn as the sky changes from black to dark blue to sky blue with streaks of pink.

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Teaching Kids to be Tough

We were reading our devotional the other night when Johan said he wanted to tell me something.

During recess, his friend in school asked him to draw a video game character, which he did. Then another classmate came in the room, looked at his drawing and said, “Pangit naman ng drawing mo!”.

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