Missing Life before Covid-19

Five months. That’s how long we’ve been dealing with this pandemic. We stayed home, we followed the government-issued lockdowns, what we thought of our normal lives back then is now replaced with our “new normal”.

The first few months, I would say were easy for me. Despite the fear that Covid-19 brings, I was mostly grateful to be able to do what I was aiming for for the longest time – to work at home and be with the kids 24/7. But man, five months into this and I realize how hard it is. I was getting antsy, the kids drive me nuts, I miss my personal space, I miss my quiet time, I miss dressing up, wear make-up and have a separate life apart from being ‘MOM’.

Along with that, I also miss going out. My side of the family is big on celebrations and get-togethers. There was never a month in a year that we don’t visit my parents or meet somewhere to catch up. During this five-month quarantine period, we only saw my parents and siblings once. We’re not yet sure when the next one would be.

As I was looking at old photos the other day, I realized that we lived 2019 to the fullest without us knowing that 2020 would be like this. We had major changes in 2019, moving to our own place, kids changing schools, starting this blog, starting the crayon business. We also went to many new places last year, spent more time with family, created memories.

So, let this post be a look-back on how 2019 was a great year with the hope that we’d get to live that way again when this pandemic is over.

We moved to our place last year and we’re loving it here so far. We were actually the first to move in. Imagine we’ve been living in this condo complex alone for a few months. We literally had the place to ourselves! Back then, it looked quite sad because three of the buildings are yet to be finished, trees and shrubs were not yet in place. But, now the place is full of life. All the buildings have long been turned over, we have neighbors and trees and plants are abundant.

The kids miss swimming though, since the quarantine started, we were not allowed to use the facilities anymore.

We brought the kids to Luneta Park and to the National Museum. That was a first and I’m glad we pushed for it. The kids had fun at the playground, they really didn’t want to leave but we had to cut their playing short because I wanted them to see the museum. It was a humid day but I’m happy to have shared my childhood with my kids.

We went to the Sta. Elena Farm with my side of the family. It was the first time for my boys to try a zip line and boy, was I scared for them! Buti na lang hindi nila namana ang fear of heights ko and were able to finish the ride.

Going to the MIBF with my ever supportive bestfriend. She knows that I wanted to blog about the Manila International Book Fair but how will I document the experience if I’m going alone. So, nag-half din sya sa work just to come with me to take my pictures, Lol! She even took one conference call sa Grab while on her way to the fair from Rizal. Talk about being supportive!

Another set of supportive people, my cousins went on a Binondo Food Crawl with me! They know that I needed content, haha! It was a Mommies day out of some sort, without our husbands/boyfriends, off we went to our DIY food crawl in one of Manila’s well-known food districts. It was a quick trip which I hope we’d be able to do again soon.

Other things I miss – going miss going to beach, watch movies in mall cinemas, attend events, go to Tagaytay, dinner out with friends, even our weekend trips to mall with the kids seem like a distant thing in the past.

That’s why I fervently pray that the ongoing trials of vaccine for Covid-19 (regardless of country of origin) becomes successful so we can slowly transition back to old normal and regain our way of living that this virus has taken away from us. I am sure that will happen.

For now, let’s look back at all the happy memories we made before the pandemic and keep a hopeful heart that soon, we will all be reunited outside our homes to create more memories.

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  1. I miss bonding with you and the kids!! I hope when this pandemic is over we can take that ultimate beach vacation. Yung medyo malayo naman this time!

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