Delegating the Housework

 Here in the Philippines, we’ve been raised under the impression that dads are supposed to go to work and provide financially to the family while the moms are expected to stay home, take care of the kids and run the household.

I want that stereotype to end in my generation and not pass it on to my sons. Moms and Dads are supposed to be partners and by that I mean in everything – managing their finances, raising the kids and doing the household chores.

Men, as much as women, are supposed to help out around the house and not expect to be thanked, praised and tapped on the back.

Johan is eight years old and he likes that I assign tasks for him to do at home. Recently, he’s showing interest in cooking so I taught him how to cook Chicken Curry one weekend. I had to figure out a safer way to teach him how to use a knife, especially when mincing the garlic and onions. Para akong aatakihin sa puso tuwing maghihiwa sya!

Mopping the floor is also one of the tasks that he enjoys doing. It may be because we have one of those spin mops which is very easy to use.

Since, he’s already mopping the floor I made him wipe the walls as well. Nilubos ko na habang nag-eenjoy pa sya!

I also taught him to throw the trash. In our condo, the bins are located at the basement parking. We’re at the 2nd floor, so he had to go down two flight of stairs. I was watching him the whole time just in case he trips, I can quickly go down and help him up.

I believe that giving kids tasks does not make you a tamad parent, instead, it makes your kids responsible. So, this early on, I am delegating tasks to Johan. I want him to understand that household chores are not just women’s job, men are equally responsible in keeping the home clean and comfortable for everyone.

And because, really, as much as we’d like to think that we are Wonder Woman, Mom simply cannot do everything around here. They should understand that mom also gets tired, she needs to rest and it is but mandatory to give her her downtime – to be quiet, to read or to binge-watch the Fab Five of Queer Eye on Netflix. Just saying. 😊

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