Vision Boarding 2021

If you know me personally, you know that I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. I’ve read the book The Secret and has not looked back since. I’ve created vision boards before and have achieved most items on my list.

First, let me explain what a vision board is. Simply put, it is a mood board of all you wish to be, all you wanted to do and everything you dream of having. It’s organizing your goals and laying it out visually. A vision board is an effective manifesting tool. I have done it and I have proven its effectiveness for so many years now.

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Comfort Food and a Giveaway!

We all have those moments when we feel so down and nothing can lift us up other than pigging out on comfort food. Since discovering how therapeutic baking is, on not-so-great-days, I simply bring out my mixing bowls and bake away.

Sometimes, my bread turn out hard, lumpy and inedible because I was impatient and didn’t knead the dough thoroughly. But most days, my pastries and bread are so good that my kids eat the entire batch in one sitting. Now, I always have frozen cookie doughs in the fridge for a quick pop in the oven during busy days.

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ECQ Diaries: Give Yourself a Break

Day #45 of the Extended Community Quarantine and I know it’s been hard for everybody. We may have different family dynamics – some dads cook, do the laundry, are the designated tributes to do the groceries – but, this post is for the moms who are working doubly hard now that everybody’s staying home.

If you’re like me who likes to plan, I can just imagine the thought bubbles in your head. I understand and won’t judge your need to have separate spreadsheets of meal plans, grocery list, savings and expenses because I’m like that. I need to see in writing what needs to be done, what’s missing from our supplies, how much money I have left.

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