Baunan Review: Zojirushi Stainless Steel Lunch Jar

I know, right! The school year is about to end and here we are buying a new lunch jar for Johan. Hindi pa naantay matapos ang school year!

He was using a three-tier stainless steel lunch jar before but it broke last week. The food doesn’t stay hot, not even warm and the lock was not working properly anymore. Johan even had to ask help from the school guard since his teacher can’t open it herself. Nahihirapan na daw sya, so, off we went to buy him a new one.

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The Single White Rose

It’s Valentine’s Day, everybody! I’m sure all the flower shops will run out of roses, restaurants will be fully booked and love will be felt the entire day!

So, in the spirit of the love month, let me tell you the story of the single white rose.

Almost 20 years ago, I met this guy in college. He was never my type – he was loud, he was a social butterfly compared to the introvert me, I found him a bit mayabang. We were soon grouped together for a class project and when I spent some time with him, I realized he’s not so bad after all. I never thought he would court me, but he did. I was hesitant. I’ve been trying to move on from a failed relationship for three years and when this guy came, I didn’t think I was ready for a new love.

Our ligawan stage was quite fast. He said, “Bakit pa patatagalin kung dun din naman ang punta natin?”. So, I agreed to be his girlfriend after only a month of dating.

Since, I was traumatized from the previous relationship, I wanted to make sure this time. I asked God for some signs if this guy is THE ONE or not. I thought of two signs. The first one was a giveaway, I asked that when he picks me up at the dorm, that he’ll be wearing a red shirt. I say giveaway because he’s got this red Polo Ralph Lauren shirt that he frequently wears. I thought, I had it in the bag. But when he arrived that day, he was wearing a plain white shirt.

For the other sign, I wanted to test the universe. This guy was never the romantic type so him giving me flowers was next to impossible. So the next sign that I asked for, a single white rose from him.

That day, when he arrived at the dorm wearing a plain white shirt, he did not have a flower in hand. Yet I was hopeful, mahaba pa ang araw. We went on with our day, went to the mall, watched a movie. No flower. We had dinner. Still no flower. We went from shop to shop just looking around, gabi na and I still don’t have a single white rose.

I was beginning to lose hope by that time. Then he went inside Blue Magic. Back then, Blue Magic was a popular shop filled with all the random stuff you can think of. So, sa isip ko anong gagawin namin dito?

He called me and asked me to look at something. I didn’t pay him any attention and just stayed where I was. Malungkot na ko eh. The signs that I asked for did not materialize. Then, he came to me and handed me this glass test tube filled with liquid.

And you know what’s inside? A single white rose floating in water.

That guy is now my husband and he’s still not big on giving flowers. It would have been nice to receive flowers once in a while but it’s really okay. He has given me the most precious one anyway, 20 years ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!