Jeron Miguel: Five Years Old Today

Oh how time flies! Our youngest son, Jeron Miguel, turns five years old today! Five years, how did that happen so quick?

Today, I want to look back to remind me that we have gone a long way from the time he was conceived until he became the talkative, singing, playful five year old today.

In 2014, Jeron Miguel was conceived. I cannot say that it was a planned pregnancy but I did stop taking the pill in 2013. Come January 2014, I started a diet and successfully lost all the extra weight and came back to size small clothes. February 2014, I found out I was pregnant. Yep, I only got to enjoy my newly-bought small sized clothes for only a month.

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Kinder City: Being a Kid is so much Fun!

Our eldest son, Johan, celebrated his 9th birthday last October 4. He wanted to go to my parents’ house so he could have his birthday cake there and to spend time with his cousins. We wanted the kids to have fun, so, we decided to bring them all to someplace new, Kinder City in Evia Lifestyle Center.

Kinder City recently opened it’s doors to the people in the South in June of this year. We arrived before 10:00 am so most of the shops in Evia Lifestyle Center was still closed, including Kinder City. It’s great that the mall has a wide ground level, perfect for lounging, resting and waiting.

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Binondo Food Crawl for Less than 1,000 Pesos!

Steamed dumplings, hand-pulled noodles in savory soup, an assortment of Hopia and Tikoy, lucky charms mostly in red and in different shapes and sizes – all these and more are waiting for you at the world’s oldest Chinatown, Manila’s Binondo district.

Binondo is known for being the home to the Chinese community here in the Philippines. It is the center of Chinese New Year celebrations with the traditional Dragon dance that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity throughout the year. Feng Shui practitioners also flock here to get their stones and lucky charms that will attract balance and good fortune into their lives and homes.

What else is Binondo known for? Food! This Manila district offers a gastronomical feast for people who love Chinese cuisine. With the many Chinese restaurants in every nook and cranny of Binondo, tourists will surely enjoy not just one particular dish but everything their tummy craves for. That is why if you are planning a trip to Binondo, a food crawl is a must!

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