This Filipina Mom Cooking Series # 1: Sweet and Sour Pork

Among my sisters and I, I am the late bloomer when it comes to cooking. It was not my forte before. I hated it and cooking hates me back, kahit nga sinaing at pritong itlog nasusunog ko pa dati!

But that has long changed when I got married and had kids. I made sure to learn how to cook so I can prepare healthy meals for my family.

I like watching cooking shows and follow videos on You Tube and recently, I was introduced to Chef Tatung. I am a new follower of his Facebook page and I like how easy to follow his videos are. Johan like Chowking’s Sweet and Sour Pork, so, I decided to follow Chef Tatung’s video on how to cook Sweet and Sour Pork.

I made my own measurements since I am cooking for only four people – myself, the husband, Johan and Jeron.

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My Big C Scare – A Breast Cancer Awareness Post

June of this year, we had our company Annual Physical Exam or APE. During the physical exam, aside from taking our medical history, the doctor will also perform a breast exam upon the permission of the patient. I usually skip this part because most times, the doctors that come to our office during APE are males and I’d rather be seen by a female doctor.

This year’s APE, it was a female doctor so I said yes to a breast exam. While checking my breasts, the doctor asked me if we had a family history of cancer (not that I know of), if I self examine my breasts (which I do not), and if I have had a breast ultrasound before (never).

She paused talking for a few minutes and asked me, “Nararamdaman mo ‘to?”. 

And the world stopped.

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#ThisFilipinaMomEats – Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe

In photo: Signature Cheese Tart, Fuwari Cheese Cup and Hanjuku Cheese

Kumori: cloudy くもり

Kumori Japanese Bakery launched in the Philippines in 2015.  If you’re wondering, like me, what Kumori means, according to the company website, Kumori means cloudy in Japanese. That perfectly describes this bakery chain’s bestseller, the Fuwari Cheese Cups.

I have been hearing about Kumori Japanese Bakery for the longest time but haven’t had the chance to try their pastries because the first few branches that they opened were far from where I am located. So, when they started opening their branches down South, it was only a matter of time when I’ll be able to taste their famous cheese cups.

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