Why I Love Early Mornings

4:00 am.

I am sitting at the dining table, sipping a hot cup of coffee while Howie Day’s Collide is playing on Spotify as I type away on the laptop.♫♪  “The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You’re barely waking…”  ♫♪

I’ve always been an early riser. This is my favorite time of the day. I like the calmness, that moment as the entire world is just waking up and you see the break of dawn as the sky changes from black to dark blue to sky blue with streaks of pink.

This is the only time I get to be really alone in my thoughts. What are my plans? What do I want to happen next week, next month, the rest of the year? What can I do for the kids? What new recipe to try for the husband? Christmas is coming.

I needed to decide what decorations to put up. This  is the first Christmas we’ll be having in our own home. Christmas decors have to be extra special.

While everyone is asleep, I organize my thoughts. I list down things we needed at home, things for the kids, for the husband, for myself.

My nails are ugly, I needed to get a manicure. 

What else can I add to the blog? I wanted to customize more but that can wait.  The laptop is lagging, need to have this reformatted since I still needed to save to buy a new one.

The walls look bare, I want some wall art up there and maybe some photos.

Second cup of coffee and it’s almost six. Johan will be waking up soon and we’ll be going to the market as we always do on Saturday mornings. We need to buy a week’s worth of food supplies but first we must stop by a grocery store to buy him C2 because he get thirsty even before we arrive at the market.

I look outside and it’s bright already. Washed my cup, did a quick cleaning of the house, laundry needs to be started as well. Kids are stirring on the bed. My day is starting.

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