Exams week na naman!

My eldest son is in third grade this year. Since he started school, I make it a point to review him during exams week. As soon as their pointers to review were handed down, pagpupuyatan ko na ang paggawa ng practice exams nya after work, then pagdating ng weekend magre-review na kami nyan.

I usually sit down with him and go through all his lessons in every subject then I leave him alone to answer the practice exams that I did. This year, I want him to form his own study habits. Kaya I told him to go through all his lessons on his own. I made him study the subjects according to their exam schedule – for example, first day of exams will be Cultural Arts and Health, that’s what I made him study first and so on and so forth. Then I give him the practice exams that I prepared.

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