Our Trip to the National Museum of Natural History

We visited the museum on the same day that we went to the Children’s Playground in Luneta Park. The museum opens at 10 am so we stayed at the playground until the museum is already letting people inside.

There are actually two entrances to the museum, one is at the main entrance while the other one is at the back, directly in front of the Children’s Playground. The back entrance is where visitors with kids can enter the museum.

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Children’s Playground In Luneta Park

I was a frequent visitor of Luneta Park as a child. Aside from spending Sundays there, all our birthdays – mine, my siblings, my cousins from my mother side – were all held there. We got albums after albums of photos in every corner of the playground. So, it is no surprise if I wanted to bring my own kids to the place that was a huge part of my childhood.

I have hesitations prior to this trip. I don’t know if the playground is still operating. If it is, maayos pa kaya o sira-sira na. In this digital age na puro gadgets na, mag-eenjoy pa kaya ang mga anak ko doon?

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