MIBF 2019 Book Haul

Since learning about the Manila International Book Fair happening this month and me being a first timer, I did my research on previous years’ events, great buys and best time to go. I created a check list on my phone that includes the booth number of the publishers I am planning to visit, the titles that I will be buying and number of books that I needed to buy.

I filed a half day leave from work on Friday, September 13, for this because I know that going on the first day and the weekend will be absolutely chaotic since people will be so excited to get in on the first day and will be frantic to finish their list on the weekend before the fair closes.

Day before my scheduled trip, I was looking around for someone to go with me because, I know you’ll all agree, shopping is more fun if you have company. My sisters can’t go because of work and mommy duties, my husband is definitely out since he hates lines, crowd and not really fond of books and there’s only one person with very low EQ and very easy to convince to go on a shopping trip. Let’s call this person one-who-must-not-be-named. Lol!

So, on the day, we met at the SMX Convention Center where the book fair is being held at around 1:30 pm. There was very little crowd that day and we easily entered the halls using the MIBF passes that I got from Fully Booked.

I have my list ready but once you’re inside, it was very easy to get distracted because there were a lot of booths with lots of great deals! Buti na lang, I have one-who-must-not-be-named and reminded me to get those on our list first before we look around and buy books that we don’t actually need.

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