Great Buys at Mandaue Foam Home Store

When we were still furnishing our condo unit, we looked for furnitures that fit our taste and budget. We did not buy everything from just one store – we went from one store to another. We compared prices, measured furnitures that will fit our space, we thought about durability. We did not want to buy something cheap but will not last long yet we did not want to splurge on expensive ones either.

One of our main priority is choosing the perfect mattress. The husband and I wanted a mattress that is hotel quality, one that would support our backs and one that would make us want to stay in bed the entire day.

For the kids’ room, we had a bunk bed custom made with a pull out bed in case their cousins want to sleep over. That means we need four mattresses – a queen sized for the master’s bedroom and three single sized mattresses for the kids’ bedroom.

We all know how expensive a great quality mattress can be. So, we went from different department stores to compare prices and we ended up going to Mandaue Foam Home Center.

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