So, this is what Forty feels like

So, this is what it feels like. Parang normal lang naman, nothing out of the ordinary. Before, I thought forty sounds so old but I was also young then and had no idea what I was talking about. Wow, I’m forty years old!

My friends from work are probably laughing now, shout out to the Bioman! Alam ko, naalala ko ang sinabi ko noon at binabawi ko yun! Lol!

Four decades of existence. How is it for me? Well, I married my college sweetheart, we’ve been together for 19 years. We have two wonderful boys. We got our own place, I have this blog, I have my small business, The Crayon Station Ph, everybody’s healthy. Really, when I think about it, I got everything that I need.

Few thoughts from a forty year old.

Nothing is permanent. My family’s been through tough times when we were growing up. At the time, I thought, when is it going to end, – the hardships, the financial struggle, the stress. But, as they said, bilog ang mundo. Hindi sa lahat ng panahon nasa ilalim ka. Things began to get easier when I graduated from college and started working. Then my siblings graduated as well and everything fell into place. Our lives now are better, we have the capacity to help our parents, we can afford to go on vacations once in a while. Life is good.

Always have faith. I remember a few times when God tested my faith in him. My pregnancy with Jeron is the hardest one. Full story of that here. I almost lost faith in Him that time, I was so fearful, so helpless. But, then I held on and kept thinking that God’s plans are better than my dreams.

Never stop dreaming. I have always loved writing, I feel like I express myself better in this medium than anywhere else. Hence, this blog. But, the ultimate dream is to be able to publish a book. I want to write a children’s book, with inviting illustrations and a funny story line.

Value friendships but also know when it is time to burn bridges. I have very few friends but those very few are my most trusted ones. I’d trust them with my life, with my sons, with my silliest dreams. It’s not in the quantity but in the quality of relationships that you have.

Take care of yourself. I read somewhere, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Which is true, when you’re all tired and burnt out, how can you expect yourself to give. I learned that taking care of myself, prioritizing my needs and chasing after my dreams is not being selfish, it is necessary to keep me going.

Giving up is not an option. Be it in career, marriage, parenthood. Nothing is ever easy. To succeed at one, you must be eager to work hard at it. Give it your all or nothing at all.

That’s it! My birthday wish, more success for The Crayon Station Ph, to find more time to blog and for everybody to be happy and healthy!

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