My Favorite Cleaning Products

People close to me know that since transferring to our own place, it became my hobby to scrub our floors. I hate seeing our grout dirty and not white. I cannot leave this task for our house help to do because I am quite OC when it comes to cleaning and it irks me when cleanliness does not match my expectations.

I stress myself out every Friday night and Saturday morning by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and wiping everything around the house. But, believe me, all this cleaning becomes easier when you use the right products. So, here’s a compilation of all my favorite cleaning products that actually works for me.

First up is what our moms used back in the day and has been a staple in every Filipino household. The Zonrox multi-purpose bleach.

Zonrox multi-purpose bleach in Lemon

Aside from using this in bleaching clothes, I use this in the shower. I normally pour bleach on the shower floors and walls and leave it overnight. I then scrub it off the next morning. My shower floors and walls are sparklingly clean and smelling fresh after that.

Next up, Nature’s Droplets 3-in-1 Nature’s Spray from Wonderzyme, Inc. This was part of the turn over package we got for free from our developer and I have been using this to wipe our kitchen and bathroom counters, cabinet tops and other surfaces. It does eliminate odors and acts as a disinfectant as well.

Another part of the turn over package is the Nature’s Droplets Multi purpose cleaner concentrate from Wonderzyme , Inc. We put this in the water where we wash our floor mops. What I like about this is unlike other cleansers, this does not leave our floors sticky after drying and the citrus smell is so refreshing.

We have glass sliding windows and glass sliding doors in our unit and I have two little boys so put them together – fingerprints on all glass surfaces! Those little prints annoy me so much because they are so glaring against the see through surface of the windows and doors. The Zim Glass Cleaner comes in handy during those times. It does the job, really! Just a few sprays, some wiping and voila! Clean glass surfaces!

Next, is Mr. Muscle Mold and Mildew from SC Johnson. I use this on our toilet bowl and bathroom sink. Few sprays, leave on for 30 minutes, rinse and wipe dry. I tell you, my sink and toilet bowl has never been this clean.

Last but not the least, I’ve raving about this product to friends and family because it is life-changing. Remember, I mentioned at the beginning of this post how it is now my hobby to scrub our floors because of the dirty grout? I’ve tried so many cleaning products and this is the only one that worked. Mr Muscle Bathroom from SC Johnson.

What I do is transfer it to a spray bottle, spray the product directly to the grout, leave on for five minutes and then scrub off. Look at the before and after and be amazed!

Give these products a try and let me know if they worked for you as they did for me!

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