Kinder City: Being a Kid is so much Fun!

Our eldest son, Johan, celebrated his 9th birthday last October 4. He wanted to go to my parents’ house so he could have his birthday cake there and to spend time with his cousins. We wanted the kids to have fun, so, we decided to bring them all to someplace new, Kinder City in Evia Lifestyle Center.

Kinder City recently opened it’s doors to the people in the South in June of this year. We arrived before 10:00 am so most of the shops in Evia Lifestyle Center was still closed, including Kinder City. It’s great that the mall has a wide ground level, perfect for lounging, resting and waiting.

As soon as my sister’s family arrived, all kids and companions fell in line and prepared ourselves for three hours of fun inside the indoor playground!

We were wondering why they charge a companion fee when we’re just there to watch over the kids but as soon as we enter Kinder City, we understood why. Companions can play as well!

This place is huge! Imagine, there are many different activity stations inside: a trampoline area complete with a basketball ring and obstacle course, lots of mini shops and restaurants, a room designed for creativity where kids can draw and color, play houses where there is an actual bed and a teepee for kids, lots of ball pits and the main attraction of Kinder City, the giant slides!

Photo blast below!

We spent three hours inside Kinder City and as expected, that was not enough for the kids! I love that there are different areas for the kids to play in: the mini shops and restaurants for the pretend play and the slides and trampolines for the more active play. What made this place even better is that the companions get to play as well. If only I’m not scared of heights, I would have gone to the slide and played with my kids but no, I’d rather cheer them on from the sidelines. Lol!

Also, it is great that they have a Kinder Cafe right outside the playground where other family members can sit and wait for their kids.

Few things I noticed though, some attendants were not very attentive. The guys manning the slides were busy talking to each other instead of assisting the kids going down the slides, I had to call their attention when Johan was about to slide down. Also, when we were about to exit, the guard just opened the gate and nobody bothered to check if we have the right kids with us. It’s a security concern which I hope they address with their staff.

Still, we will come back because the kids totally had fun! My boys were talking about Kinder City being an amazing place and the best they have been to so far!

Just had to have my photo taken here, that’s my favorite word “dream”

Kinder City, Evia Lifestyle Center Rates are as follows:

300.00 for 1 hour
500.00 for 3 hours
150.00 for companion

Located at the Second Level, North Wing
Evia Lifestyle Center
Daang Hari Rd. Las PiƱas City

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