Kids Activity: DIY Pattern Blocks (With Free Printable at the End!)

I am always searching for activities for my kids to do even before the ECQ started. There are a lot of websites offering free printable worksheets and it’s not hard to find some for a specific grade level such as my eldest, who is an incoming Grade 4. I posted some of the websites where I get free printables in the following posts:

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However, as I’ve mentioned before, my youngest was attending Occupational and Speech Therapy sessions prior to the lockdown and as much we’d like for him to continue his sessions, Covid-19 made it impossible for now. So, what I do, I keep on thinking and searching for activities that will aid him to continue his development. Although there are also a lot of resources for this, most require specific toys and materials that we currently don’t have.

I know that his weaknesses are writing, keeping focus and improving his fine motor skills. So aside from printing writing and coloring worksheets for him, I thought of making him pattern block flashcards. With this activity, we will be addressing his focus by studying the pattern that he will copy, make him learn his shapes and colors and improving his eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills by choosing the correct shapes and building the pattern.

Let’s move on to the turorial. The materials that you will need will be:

1. Scissors
2. Colored papers, I used one sheet of each color (red, blue, yellow and green)
3. 1 sheet of board paper
4. Ruler
5. Glue
6. Pencil

I started with measuring and cutting the paper materials, I used 7cm x 7cm for these. I was able to make 12 board paper squares and 12 squares of each colored paper.

Cut all paper materials into squares, 7 cm x 7 cm in measurement

Then I traced different shapes on the colored paper squares, keep in mind that these shapes should be smaller than the board paper squares because you will be sticking the shapes onto the board paper. I traced small and big circles, rectangles, small and big squares and triangles. Trace as many as you can.

Cut shapes smaller than the board paper squares

Next is the fun part, use your imagination and create patterns! The idea is each shape should show despite putting another shape on top of it. That way the child will still be able to see part of it and will be able to distinguish that from the other shapes. Here are the patterns that I came up with:

When you’re making one pattern, remember to set aside the same shapes that you used. This is to make sure that those shapes are available for your child to choose from when you start the activity.

Finished product!

Jeron was excited to start the activity and he sure had fun! I’m glad that my goals were addressed by this activity, he was so focused to learn which shape came first, what correct shape color should he use, how he concentrated on building the pattern properly. Here are some photos:

You can either put the same shapes together, like I did, or you can opt to combine all the shapes together to make the activity a little challenging for your child. Either way, you and your child will surely have fun together!

Anyway, I’m sure most moms have all the materials that I used here but for those who doesn’t have these but have a printer at home, worry no more because I created a free printable for you!

This set already includes the 12 pattern blocks and the complete shapes needed for the pattern blocks. All you need to do is print and cut! Just access the file from this link to download it:

Free Printable Pattern Blocks

Happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy!

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