Jeron Miguel: Five Years Old Today

Oh how time flies! Our youngest son, Jeron Miguel, turns five years old today! Five years, how did that happen so quick?

Today, I want to look back to remind me that we have gone a long way from the time he was conceived until he became the talkative, singing, playful five year old today.

In 2014, Jeron Miguel was conceived. I cannot say that it was a planned pregnancy but I did stop taking the pill in 2013. Come January 2014, I started a diet and successfully lost all the extra weight and came back to size small clothes. February 2014, I found out I was pregnant. Yep, I only got to enjoy my newly-bought small sized clothes for only a month.

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Just a few weeks into the pregnancy, I had threatened abortion so my doctor advised me to be on bed rest. Little did I know that I would be spending most of my pregnancy days in bed until Labor day. Back then, it was frustrating. I hated staying in bed but the baby needed that. So, stayed in bed I did for almost the entire nine months.

Two months before giving birth, at a standard weekly doctor’s appointment, I was lying in the Sonographer’s room for an ultrasound. You would know something’s wrong when the Sonographer was quiet the entire time and your hunch was confirmed when she called your OB inside the ultrasound room to show her something on the monitor.

During the ultrasound, they saw some kind of swelling around Jeron’s abdomen and head. They initially diagnosed Hydrocephalus which had me breaking down at my doctor’s clinic. At that time, there’s nothing much we can do since I was already on my third trimester. We were scheduled to do another ultrasound and see a Perinatologist.

During that ultrasound, the swelling around the abdomen and head became less pronounced. Great! But, the next question the Perinatologist asked us was another brick wall, “Do you have history of Down Syndrome?”.

We did a series of ultrasounds after that but they cannot rule out Down Syndrome until Jeron was born. October 18, 2014, we were back at the hospital for my supposed last consultation prior to giving birth via scheduled CS on the 24th. I was hooked up to a machine to monitor contractions and lo and behold, I was actively contracting without me knowing!

Long story short, we did not leave the hospital that day. I was wheeled to the Operating Room and was immediately performed an emergency Caesarian Section. I was awake the entire time. All my doctors are there, my OB, the Perinatologist, my Anesthesiologist and a Pediatrician. This is it. We will finally know if Jeron indeed has Down Syndrome.

As soon as they shouted, “Baby out!”, I was close to tears, I obviously cannot see anything beyond that curtain separating my face from my lower body. My OB went to me and I asked nervously, “Kamusta sya, doc?” and her reply, “Okay sya, Shirley. He does not have it.” And I broke down, ever so grateful for the answered prayers.

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Two years passed without any health issues, until one night in February of 2017. Jeron got sick with fever and at 11:00 pm, he had a seizure. That was the scariest time of my life, seeing your son convulsing, eyes rolled back, it was terrifying! My husband was at work, I was with one of the yayas when I scooped Jeron up and rushed to bring him to the hospital.

It was 11:00 pm so there weren’t a lot of vehicles on the street, good thing a tricycle came by and he drove as fast as he can. Suddenly, Jeron slumped over. He lost consciousness on our way to the hospital and my heart stopped. I shouted the Our Father as loud as I can.

We stayed at the hospital for five days, Jeron’s pediatrician wanted to do a lumbar tap on my then two-year-old to find out where his fever was coming from but my husband and I decided against it. On the fourth day, after a series of IV antibiotics, skin tests and blood tests, it turned out he’s got mumps. He was given medications for that and we were discharged the next day.

All’s well with Jeron until he celebrated his third birthday on October of the same year. One thing that I noticed though, he was not talking clearly. He sounded like a minion when he talked. I discussed this with a lot of people and I was told that boys are normally delayed in speech compared to girls. But, I cannot dismiss the feeling that something’s not right.

We set an appointment with a Developmental Pedia and was finally given a slot in December 2017. I was correct, something’s not right. Jeron was diagnosed to have Speech Delay and we were to start Occupational and Speech Therapy as soon as we can.

We looked and looked for therapy centers that can accommodate Jeron ASAP but we were only given a slot to Occupational Therapy in February 2018 and Speech in April 2018.

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We’ve been going to and from therapy sessions since then and I would say that Jeron has improved big time from the day he was diagnosed. He can now clearly utter words, he sings, he converses with other people, a bit shy at times but he can finally say what he wants to say.

Sometimes, I still hear the jargons but remembering how he was back then and seeing how he is now, we’ve come a long way. He started school this year, he enjoys that, still goes to therapy sessions twice a week and we are set to see his Developmental Pedia again in December, hopefully to hear the good news that we no longer need therapy. For now, we are celebrating every small win until we get there.

And today, we are celebrating his fifth birthday!

Happy 5th birthday, my love!

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