Exams week na naman!

My eldest son is in third grade this year. Since he started school, I make it a point to review him during exams week. As soon as their pointers to review were handed down, pagpupuyatan ko na ang paggawa ng practice exams nya after work, then pagdating ng weekend magre-review na kami nyan.

I usually sit down with him and go through all his lessons in every subject then I leave him alone to answer the practice exams that I did. This year, I want him to form his own study habits. Kaya I told him to go through all his lessons on his own. I made him study the subjects according to their exam schedule – for example, first day of exams will be Cultural Arts and Health, that’s what I made him study first and so on and so forth. Then I give him the practice exams that I prepared.

Yep, I still made practice exams for him to test if he really understood his lessons. Mas effort nga lang this year kasi advanced ang subjects and lessons nila sa school – he has Zoology, Botany, Physical Science, Geography, Geometry and Proper Math – to name a few. They even dissected a frog and a Tilapia last month in Zoology and he’s in third grade pa lang!

Anyway, I am just thankful that in this day and age, all the resources that parents need are readily available online. Ang dali na lang mag-aral ngayon kaya ang swerte ng mga estudyante! During my time, may 26 volumes ng Book of Knowledge akong kailangang basahin to research. Today, konting type, konting click and everything’s there.

So, I am sharing you here my resources. These are the top five websites where I usually get free printable worksheets for my kids.

1. www.homeschoolmath.net – what I like about this site is that the math worksheets available matches my third grader’s school lessons. Perfect for those angle lessons na ang hirap idrawing!

2. www.mathinenglish.com – this is another great resource to get math worksheets, it also have math crossword puzzles which is a good thing because my son loves answering crossword puzzles.

3. www.k5learning.com – this site has preschool worksheets for kids who are learning to write. I’ve downloaded most of my preschool’s worksheets from this site.

4. www.education.com – I like that this site has an intensive Physical Science library of worksheets. Johan enjoys his Science classes so these worksheets are perfect for him.

5. www.worksheets.theteacherscorner.net – I use this one to generate word search worksheets. Johan loves puzzles and word searches so instead of creating one from scratch, a word search generator such as this is a huge help.

There you go. I hope you find these websites useful as I did. These are really great tools especially for parents because the worksheets being printable means we’re actually saving time and making learning fun at the same time for our children.

2 thoughts on “Exams week na naman!”

  1. Helllo Shirley, I am Mila Yano, your Mom’s former Koppel officemate. You were still a kid when your Mom brought you along if I remember right during the baptism of Michiko, my eldest daughter.

    Now, here you are. I find your blog very interesting. I took note of the sites you mentioned above. My only grandson, David, is also in 3rd grade.

    Consider me a fan!

    1. Hi, Tita Mila! I’ve met so many of Mama’s former officemates from Koppel and I am sure you are in one of the old photos that Mama still keep at home. Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m glad you find it interesting!

      Best regards!

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