ECQ Day #34: Chef ka na ba?

Quick timeline check first, on March 16, 2020, President Duterte put the entire Luzon under an Enhanced Community Quarantine only after two days of implementing a community quarantine in NCR. The decision was made to restrict the movement of people with the exception of essential businesses and goods transport. The ECQ was put in place with the aim of flattening the curve of Covid-19.

As of April 7, 2020, the DOH has already approved 11 laboratories and hospitals for Covid-19 testing. Mass testing in various municipalities have begun and we expect a huge rise in our already high stats.

As of 4pm yesterday, April 18, 2020, below is DOH’s record of the Covid-19 cases here in the Philippines:

No photo description available.
From the DOH Facebook page here

Moving on, how’s your life been since Day 1? Did you try the Dalgona coffee trend? I did not because I don’t have a mixer nor a whisk and I read that using a fork to make the coffee frothy will take 20 minutes, so nope, not doing it.

I made myself busy preparing meal plans, about 98% were followed, so that’s really good. The task of cooking is being passed between myself and the Yaya because I have work during weekdays. I’m usually the one who cooks on weekends, sometimes during weekdays if workload is not too high or I take my break earlier to cook and then eat lunch while working so as not to waste time.

How about you? Have you turned into a chef already? Lol! What I enjoy the most during these times is being able to prepare better breakfast for myself. Before the ECQ, I am always rushing in the morning: prepare the kids’ baon for school, prep myself to work, it’s coffee usually at home then Mcdo delivery for breakfast at work. Nowadays, since I don’t have to rush every morning, I have the time to whip up a decent breakfast for myself. Some of them are below:

I also try to make these presentable, hotel breakfast levels, kasi mas masarap kumain kapag maganda ang presentation, di ba?

As for the main meals of the family, I make meal plans good for two weeks. I have this cheat sheet of meals that I alternate every two weeks, notice that I only have two beef entries because aside from the kids not very fond of beef dishes (sa Pepper Lunch lang sila kumakain ng Beef!), ang mahal ng per kilo ng beef ha! At times like these, tipid-tipid muna tayo because we never know if hanggang kailan tayo may work, given the current economic situation all over the world.

So, the last two weeks, here are some of the dishes I prepared for the family:

My kids are quite picky eaters so I make sure that my pantry is fully stocked with alternative food for their consumption in case they didn’t like what I prepared for the day: potatoes for mojos, eggs, chicken nuggets, cheese balls.

I also craved for some Filipino merienda this week. I tried to search for home cooks that can deliver to our location but mostly are located outside the borders of Bacoor, Cavite. So, I just asked my suki rider to buy some ingredients for me at the market and I just cooked them myself.

Another tip to save time and money, whether you buy your own supplies or have someone buy them for you, like what I do, prepare a list of items to buy prior to your trip to the grocery or prior to sending it to your trusted rider. What I do, I set a meal plan for two weeks, check the pantry for supplies that I am running out of, list down the ingredients needed for the two-week meal plan and other necessities that we need around the house and then I send the list to my suppliers and rider. Currently, I have two suppliers, one for meat products and another one for vegetables. I also have one trusted rider who does the groceries for me. I make a list with photos and measurements which I send to the rider so it’s easier for him when he goes to the supermarket. Please give them tip on top of their delivery charge because they’re frontliners as well and they’re doing this to keep us at home and safe from Covid-19. Here’s a sample of what I sent to my rider the last time I asked him to buy for me:

Photos downloaded from Google, description and measurement taken from various Store websites like SM, Waltermart and Puregold.

Another week is coming ahead, more meal planning for us, Mamas. I hope we have more ideas up our sleeves to satisfy the hungry pangs of our families’ tummies.

Our prayers for everybody to be safe and healthy in our new norm. God bless us all and may we be blessed with enough resources to sustain us all the way to the end of this pandemic. We will all make it through this!

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