Children’s Playground In Luneta Park

I was a frequent visitor of Luneta Park as a child. Aside from spending Sundays there, all our birthdays – mine, my siblings, my cousins from my mother side – were all held there. We got albums after albums of photos in every corner of the playground. So, it is no surprise if I wanted to bring my own kids to the place that was a huge part of my childhood.

I have hesitations prior to this trip. I don’t know if the playground is still operating. If it is, maayos pa kaya o sira-sira na. In this digital age na puro gadgets na, mag-eenjoy pa kaya ang mga anak ko doon?

When I got the go signal from my husband na ituloy na nga namin, umuulan naman the days prior to the trip. Akala ko talaga hindi na kami matutuloy. Buti na lang umaliwalas ang langit on Sunday morning. Initially, I planned for us to have a picnic kaya lang wala akong makitang picnic mat and picnic basket. Lol!

So, I said bahala na. Siguro naman may mga benches doon where we can sit down. Sunday morning, I prepared our baon, few snacks lang naman and lots of water since we plan to stay at the playground for a while lang until the National Museum opens at 10 am then we’ll have lunch somewhere else.

Hard boiled eggs, some chips, snacks and lots of water

We left the house around 7:30 am and got there at little past 8 am. Ang bilis ng byahe. Well, malapit lang din naman kami.

One more issue is the parking. I researched pero wala akong makitang parking area near Luneta. The nearest we can think of is Robinson’s Place pero it opens at 10 am pa. When we were in Kalaw na, napansin namin may mga nakapark sa sidestreet. Medyo nag-aalangan kami because we know that Mayor Isko is already clearing up the streets of Manila, naisip namin na baka ma-tow kami or what. But we had no choice kaya dun na lang kami nag-park. May mga street dwellers kaya nakakakaba but we went ahead and parked na din. Bumabalik-balik na lang si husband to check the car from time to time.

We went down the car and walked towards the playground. Ang saya ko nung nakita kong may mga tao sa loob! Ay grabe, very nostalgic nung nasa tapat na kami ng gate.

The kids were very excited! Gusto na nilang pumasok agad-agad. When we entered the gate, may matanda dun sa right side. You just need to log your name, kung ilan kayo sa group and makakapasok na kayo. Entrance is free!

There are grassy areas where you can set up a tent or lay a mat for a picnic. Madami din tables and benches around the playground where families can sit down and eat.

Hindi mapakali yung dalawa! They wanted to try everything all at once! More photos coming up!

Photo with the animal statues
Sayang, the Hippo was closed for painting works, palagi kami dyan ng mga pinsan ko dati
Ang ganda na ng turtle! Papasok ka sa bibig nya then may dalawang slides sa magkabilang side
Everything is so colorful! Ito yung tunnel shaped like a fish, naalala ko pobalik balik kami ng takbuhan dito ng mga pinsan ko
Noon hanggang ngayon, itong madaming slide na ito ang pinakamadaming bata. Makulay pero di na madulas kaya ayan tumakbo na lang si Johan pababa, lol!
Small monkey bars na gustong-gusto ni Jeron
Gwapo ni Johan dito! (love your own)
Yung pumpkin!
Naalala nyo to? May ladder sa loob that you can climb all the way up
Ito na yata ang pinaka-functional slide ngayon doon sa playground. Dito lang talaga sila nakapagpadulas.
Ito yung slide malapit sa hanging bridge na may dolphins. Also closed for painting works.
Aw, my boys. They fight and make up and fight again but when one needs the other, they’re always there for the one who needed help. Like on this slide, Johan assisted Jeron as they went up the steps.
Ang sikat na sapatos ng Luneta Park!

It was a very fun day! The kids had so much fun! It makes me so happy that I get to share with them a part of my childhood. I can’t wait for them to see our old photos and they can compare those to what they saw at the playground. I am also thankful to my husband for giving in to my request, I know he hates driving and worrying about parking but still gave in. Nakita naman nya kung gaano nag-enjoy ang mga anak nya!

Our youngest son, Jeron
Our eldest son, Johan

I just hope the City of Manila make more improvements – the slides needed updating, some of them are so worn out making it dangerous for the kids, add more swings, plant more grass. The entrance is free but I wouldn’t mind if they charge a little just so they can get more funds for the improvement.

Please, build more parks instead of buildings.

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