Children’s Playground In Luneta Park

I was a frequent visitor of Luneta Park as a child. Aside from spending Sundays there, all our birthdays – mine, my siblings, my cousins from my mother side – were all held there. We got albums after albums of photos in every corner of the playground. So, it is no surprise if I wanted to bring my own kids to the place that was a huge part of my childhood.

I have hesitations prior to this trip. I don’t know if the playground is still operating. If it is, maayos pa kaya o sira-sira na. In this digital age na puro gadgets na, mag-eenjoy pa kaya ang mga anak ko doon?

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My Favorite Cleaning Products

People close to me know that since transferring to our own place, it became my hobby to scrub our floors. I hate seeing our grout dirty and not white. I cannot leave this task for our house help to do because I am quite OC when it comes to cleaning and it irks me when cleanliness does not match my expectations.

I stress myself out every Friday night and Saturday morning by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and wiping everything around the house. But, believe me, all this cleaning becomes easier when you use the right products. So, here’s a compilation of all my favorite cleaning products that actually works for me.

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New Header and Logo by Sarah Cordial Designs

The old header was designed by myself but I wanted something better other than just the blog name. I wanted my header to present myself as a Filipina blogger from the Philippines.

I tried to design it myself but my drafts did not satisfy me. It felt incomplete and totally common. I wanted something that my readers will remember and will definitely recall that THAT is the header of This Filipina Mom.

So, I messaged a calligrapher that I hired before for a commissioned artwork after seeing that she’s doing digital art now. I asked her if she can materialize what I have in mind digitally.

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